Herb Sinus is a versatile musician and a multi-instrumentalist. Playing keyboards and guitar with the indie-rock band Peekaboo, he loves to switch between both instruments instantly while singing backing vocals. Or rehearsing with his acoustic project after a long night at the club. Or putting his own words into sound, like he does with the lyrics of other artists, e.g. the singer MC Nemesis. Or even writing Songs for a country duo.

During the last three years he has mostly been working for his main project Herb Sinus, for which he instantly got a record contract from the german label Lovetraxx Records. The result of this cooperation was his first longplay ?The Journey Begins? which contained 13 songs with pop-, rock- and folk-influence. Herb and his music have been quite present in the media since then.

Meanwhile he is working on his second album, and the sound is becoming rougher and more rock-oriented which ca be heard at the first single "I Wanna Be Touched"

Before that another single was published: "Cool Inside", which was written for the documentary ?The Black Tent?. This song containes Arabic influences this time?

The music of Herb Sinus is always based on intense melodies. It is easy listening music, however profound; eg. even behind a childish melody played by bells you will hear lyrics like: ?Everybody?s tool cool to be true?.