New german song "Aus der Stagnation" on Bandcamp:

Coexist - New Song 2017

Already more than 600 clicks for "I Wanna Be Touched".

But: I'm sure there's more to go. So - please klick it :)

Album "Intense": CD und mp3-Download is now available on Amazon:

CD Release Party on March, 7th 2013!

New Single "My Child" out now!

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More tourdates for 2012:

13.09.2012: Vienna, Cenario

14.09.2012: Puchberg, Lichtspiele

15.09.2012: W├╝lmersen, Wasserschloss

16.09.2012: Kassel, Shamrock

17.09.2012: Sassen

Listen to "I Wanna Be Touched", the first single of the forthcoming album "intense"

So.... recording is done, now the Track goes to Abbey Road for Mastering. Probable release date: March 9th.

Relaunch of "The Journey Begins"
by All Seasons Records

Listen to cuts from "The Journey Begins" on Artistcamp.

Download at:

"Cool Inside"

The Song "Cool Inside", title song of the documentary "The black tent" has been relaunched and is now available wordwide for download.

Info and Links:
Artist Camp
Music is Here

Over 5000 years the black tent helped various nomadic tribes to conquer deserts and mountains facing all obstacles and difficulties of a challenging environment. The only canvas which can cool the heat of the desert and resist sand storms is made of the hair of the black desert goat. Herb Sinus has brought these mysteries to sound for the movie "The black tent".

"The Beast Within"

A detour to the dance environment ;-)
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There is even an extra homepage, created by a very talented comic drawer:

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CD out now!

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Preproduction for the album "The Journey begins"

The preproduction of Herb's debute album "The Journey begins" is about to be finished.

On August 26th it can be heared for the first time. See "LIVE" for details.

Video for "Feel Free"

Click here to watch the video for the song "Feel Free".